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Rustic Ember | Cleopatra | 10 Ounce Candle


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Explore the many hidden wonders of the Great Pyramids of Egypt as you imagine what it would have been like to be the beautiful, intelligent Cleopatra. With notes of Rose Petals and the light under tones of Egyptian Musk, this candle will infuse your home with a subtle but delicious Rose and Musk aroma.

HAPPINESS FOR YOUR SENSES I use only the purest, high quality oils and fragrances to create my soy wax candles. All of my candles have a strong scent throw.

CLEAN BURNING SCENTS I use 100% Organic soy blend and cedar wood wicks for a long lasting, headache free burn.

SAFE & ADDITIVE-FREE CANDLES No additives, lead, or dyes.

STYLISH, BEAUTIFUL CANDLES With a minimalist, sleek style, my candles fit in with anyones home or spa decor and there is a scent for everyone!

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